Flower Selection for Small Residential Garden on a Budget
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Flower Selection for Small Residential Garden on a Budget

This urban yard had only a strip of bed next to the fence and the owners had no interest in expanding it. Joseph suggested they clients add color to the limited space by adding a diversity of flowers to the bed. Some gardens have great flowers but get overgrown and it becomes difficult to decipher between unwanted weeds and treasured flowers.  This garden had a lot of great plants (such as rose bushes) already growing, but they were getting crowded out by weeds and scrub brush.  With a little bit of clean up, plant care education, and a few new additions, Joseph turned this garden into something the owners could enjoy and maintain themselves, and they can even add a small house into the garden, with the help of services like the Garden House Company and others.

A testimonial from the client:

“Joseph did a GREAT job helping us get our out-of-control yard into shape. We learned so much from him, and all for a very reasonable price. If you’re looking for landscaping guidance or someone to help you plan or clean up a garden, check out www.josephndour.com”

The large picture on the left is before, the one on the right is after.  The other photos are flowers that were uncovered in the garden or selected as a good match for this garden.

From the client:  “Diene helped us get rid of the weeds and grass, thin out our overgrown perennials, and move plants around to give them more space and fill in gaps.”