Is your garden being overtaken by weeds?  Are you tired of looking at those overgrown bushes in your front yard and wishing you had a bed of flowers in their place?  Wouldn’t you love to eat tomatoes so fresh off the vine that their juice dribbles down your chin?

Joseph N’dour is the landscaper and gardener for you.

Joseph is hard worker and a quick study.  A graduate of the horticulture program at Madison College, he began his experience planting the land on a family farm in Senegal. No matter what the state of your garden or yard, his green thumb can make it in to something you are proud to share with the neighbors who pass by.

Clients include private residential and commercial properties.  Public green space and garden service through volunteering.

Also trained in floral design, Joseph can make the perfect arrangement for any occasion.  View some of his favorites in his floral portfolio.